I’m a bestselling author, performer, voice-actor, and funny person. This site allows you to see and hear a sampling of my work. As Christopher Walken once said, “Explore the space!”


Using a pen name, I’ve had several books published, including three with Little, Brown and Company and one with Random House. The words of one book were sung by a choir. Another was translated into French.

Under my own name, I have a humor book and memoir in the works. I’ve also written an animated TV comedy pilot that my agent tells me is being “shopped around town.” I believe that town is Los Angeles, but you never know.  For writing-related inquiries, contact me here, or reach out to:

Pamela Malpas 
Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency
27 West 20th St. Suite 1003
New York, NY 10011 


When I was 17, I won Best Actor at the California State Thespian Festival, and moved to Los Angeles, where I worked as a stand-in for Luke Perry and Jason Priestly on Beverly Hills 90210 while living in my car. 

Around that time, someone told me it would be too difficult to succeed as both an actor and a writer. So I set acting completely aside to focus solely on writing.

After many years of shelving my desire to perform, I recently began acting again—including voice acting. In 2017 I was cast as an American astronaut in a comedy produced for NASA’s short film competition.

Voice Acting


Comedic characters are my jam and I have an ear for the musicality of language. Please enjoy these voiceover demo reels.

Commercial Demo

Thoughtfully funny, smart yet approachable, precise yet relaxed.

Villain Demo

Pathetic and sympathetic malefactors. Vainglorious buffoons.


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I welcome personal messages about my work. For press and other professional inquiries, contact: 

Pamela Malpas 
Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency
27 West 20th St. Suite 1003
New York, NY 10011 

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